A Travel Journal, SUVpacking America

On the road. Discovering who This New Man is.

The Stop, La Parada

Traveling 4 Men – Where are we going?

I’m traveling on a trip across the nation. Some 18000kms in about four months, going wherever the smaller roads South through the Southwest and on across the nation take us. I’m hoping to find the secrets on this path to the making of The New Man!

As I noted in my posting out My Mayan Me, the myth of the ending of humankind was really a fear of the unknown. My Mayan relatives thought that about now would be a good time to refocus our Earthly mission and unfold a new and exciting New Era. And for the most part they got it right. From technology that links so many different kinds of people together to the merging of many different ethnic cultures, the Americas of tomorrow are not going to be what they were in the past. And the men of these places have their own journey of change to experience.

Fashion For men,  The Parada blog, Erick Martinez, backpacking

Fashion For men, The Parada blog, Erick Martinez, backpacking

Traveling 4 Men is about documenting what some of these changes are as they happen. I’ll be looking at fashion and style, of course but also about how men shop, what they eat, what they think of themselves and their lives, even about how technology makes the The New Man. And the best way to do this is by listening to and hearing what these new men are willing to share.

Below is a map of some parts of the journey we expect to follow – and by “we” I mean you, as followers and supporters as well as my traveling partners. For in reality, this is an adventure about 2 guys and 2 dogs, all of who you will learn more about as we go.

But none of what happen will be as important as what the real men tell us as we go, and what you share with us as we find our way. Change is happening – of that there is no doubt – but no one really knows which path it will take.

You job and the job of the people we meet is to make sure we understand their stories!

Follow Erick Martinez @ArtsyHipCool and Instagram @ArtsyHipCool. Can’t wait to share my journey with u guys. Sigan me en La Parada y compartan sus experiences conmigo.


You will be able to see my journey through the regular posts we make. In general, here is the route I expect to take, finding the stopping places as we go. Below are a few of the cities and the towns we expect to visit, but what I really want is for you to guide me to all of the La Paradas along my way!

Join me as I travel 8000 Km USA

Join me as I travel 8000 Km USA


The map is not exact; it’s not supposed to be. People keep asking me where we are going because they want to share links to the people and places they are familiar with who live amongst the riches of the adventure. If you want to help, feel free to connect as well.

If you want to help or give advice, please feel free to send me a note. I’m Traveling4Men@gmail.com, and always willing to listen.


I’ve already discovered that there are many resources and souls on their own traveling adventures – though most are not doing so to see what men have to offer. Still, our Traveling Friends page will feature some of them and what they tell us.

You want to be part of this experience? Connect with a short (one small paragraph and a picture of two) bio and a link to your site. We don’t promise to include them all, but we’ll keep us all having fun together.



Tell us what you think about the swag of men!

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