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Lost and Recycle Lifes

I lost everything, my business, my house, even my faith. But one thing I know, I have not lost the love of my family and the support of my true … Continue reading

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Editing One’s Whole Life

Editing a book must be hard. I’ve already gone through the experience of figuring out what to take with us and what to leave behind. I went from a house … Continue reading

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To Roll or To Stay – the decision to go

The time to go has been set. The decisions have been made. The story was to start with lunch at the Fremont Diner. A funny thing now, looking back. The … Continue reading

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Where does the story begin?

Where does the story begin? Movies, stories, journals, diaries have to start somewhere. I know this, everyone does. I know now what it feels like to have one’s wheels rolling … Continue reading

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Wandering With Personal Change

Wandering around our USAmerica has changed me more than I thought. I am not “me” anymore. At least I’m not the same me that I was before I left. Something … Continue reading

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La Parada, The Stop

The road is always a space where something gets discovered. I learned this in countless ways as I traveled the coastal byways along the busiest parts of USAmerica. From the … Continue reading

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Holistic Starbucks

I’m sitting in Starbucks just outside Hartford, CT. A couple next to me is planning their strategy. Between them? A booklet entitled My Journal: A 30-day Journal for Holistic Living. … Continue reading

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Southern Divide

LaParada has been on quite a journey so far, though you have missed a part of the adventure. Months of travel and thousands of kilometers have worn this body down; … Continue reading

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La Primavera llego

Los campos empiezan a florecer y los paisajes se llenan de color al igual que nuestro closet. y es que no tienes que ser un sabio para percatarse que la … Continue reading

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First Day of Spring 2013

  With the new season upon us, now is the time to start overhauling your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather. Spring 2013 brings with it plenty of new styles … Continue reading

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Paperless New Man Style

“Paper devices only, please.” A funny sign in a gaming and technology gathering. Overall, this public component of the SXSW Austin, TX, event was a dark frenzy of mostly very … Continue reading

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Cover to Cover Redesign of Men’s Health

Cover to Cover Redesign of Men’s Health I received a notice the other day that Men’s Health Magazine is in the process of doing a cover to cover upgrade of … Continue reading

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