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On the road. Discovering who This New Man is.

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Discovering The New Man Project

Discovering The New Man Project

Road & Lesson Maps – The Chronicles of La Parada, The New Man and Our New Adventure in SUVpacking

With 15,000+ miles of uncertain destinations and unexpected daily adventures under our belts, we’re ready to look back on what we learned and how we can use this experience. We successfully completed the adventure from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, south, along the bottom and up the eastern US coast to Maine … along an amazing variety of highways and byways in anticipation of … well, whatever came down the road each day.

We considered each day a new stopping point, or the translation of the Spanish concept of La Parada. The route and where we might get off the “bus” at the end of each day was supposed to be a mystery … including whether we would sleep in a camping area, in a hotel or motel, or in the back of our SUV.

Through this experience we have learned about us, and I about me. We have also done what we promised, which was to talk with, listen to and really, really try to hear the stories of men (and women) who were experiencing what it means to change … to appreciate how the man of today is different from the man of the past. One of our specific expectations was to document the evolution of The New Man.

One of our sites documents this as The New Man Project.

While on the road, we also found that there was a remarkable community of people who were learning to live NOT as backpackers (young explorers who hiked or biked the country) nor as RVers (older, often retired folks), but as location independent people – people who could live comfortably out of the back of their version of (US)America’s SUV, or very sporty utility vehicle. A second site is about SUVpacking.

But perhaps just as importantly, while on the road we learned more about ourselves. I know I did about me. And that is the experience of La Parada, of meeting with others at a gathering place and deciding which of life’s next buses will take us to where we want to be.

La Parada, our third site, is about this self-exploration. And it is about all of the other vehicles we used to get there and what we learned about us and men on that adventure.

Take a look at these sites and see something about each. Many of the posts also have original photographs of the journey – photos taken mostly by me. We expect to share and even sell these too and would love to hear what you have to say about this incredible experience.


Tell us what you think about the swag of men!

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