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Changing Louisiana – A Taste of Progress

Bayou of Louisiana SUV camping

Bayou of Louisiana SUV camping

I can’t help but think about the potential of the many places we visited on this journey. My partner is writing a poem on how America is worn out; its structures look that way, it’s people act that way.

Yet still I see so much good and opportunity. I’m not sure it was really the intention of this trip, but even I (a fairly non-political person) can see that there are parts of the country that are waiting to change. I think that’s good. I supposed, just like the people who swear they will never shift from their perspective of what it means to be a good man – change might well be coming to places that don’t see that it is heading their way.

Everyone talks about Louisiana, for example, as being a conservative, very traditional values places. We went to a reading by a local author who shared her experience of living with a mother who couldn’t read or write, and how this young lady had to teach herself as a black woman to do what her mother couldn’t.

I loved that experience and a lot of what the people of Holly Beach offered. We put it into a newspaper piece that the local newspaper printed, though it doesn’t seem to be online.

What I loved just as much though was the feeling of opportunity that this location offers. Local residents are sad that (they say) some 60% to 70% of the regular bayou folks (the very old-fashioned generations) are gone now, moved away because of the perception of damage by the Gulf oil spill and because of the true damage of hurricane Katrina.

So doesn’t that leave the place wide open for new kinds of people? Can’t new generations of young people and new families – many who are much more progressive, worldly, technology friendly – move in to fill the gaps?

Might it be possible that Louisiana become a place where very diverse and adventurous people come to live their freelance lifestyles?

It’s worth thinking about. A lot of money has been spent to return the location to a splendid place. There are ongoing threats of pollution just as there are people who are ready to challenge those who might damage the place.

To me, this makes Louisiana seem like a place that is ready and able to be attractive to far different kinds of people. I hope that lots of them at least give the place a taste.


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