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Burger King Bird

Buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing.

Each and every morning, as I sit outdoors with the coolness and the dew, an unknown bird sings forth this phrase over and over, often followed with an “oh!!”

Now perhaps i’m a sensitive because of my recently imposed fast food deprivations, but those birds, whatever kind they may be, are saying Burger King, Burger King, Burger King … of that I have no doubt. The call of this wild creature is as good as placing a billboard on the side of any of natures other galavanting wonders.

The Burger King bird might as well have its own place on the medium of its choice. This creature is a very effective spokesperson for its corporate accompaniment — and the owners of BK should reward their voiceover with its own special recognition.

It likely isn’t that kind of bird, but this one definitely gets me wanting a morning croissant and egg combo with coffee and hash browns.

All of which got me thinking about other opportunities for what I once heard called “natural capitalism,” or the taming of life for its abundant profit-making potentials. There is nothing that I know of for us SUVpackers that prohibits us from cashing in on deals when we drive by. In fact, its one of the benefits over hiking or RVing — we can easily pull over whenever we want to to grab a bite of convenience.

So this other morning, on the dawning of an adventurous day, I got to thinking of what other commercial pairings the zoo of the outdoors might have to offer.

Coleman would be a natural on all sorts of levels. Flying fish waiting to jump into a one or two burner propane stove. Maybe fireflies blinking out Coleman with the fall of a night’s darkness?

Or maybe no-see-umms that mysteriously align themselves into the REI logo on your leg. we hardly ever see their tenting identifiers anyway, and those pesky biters are very good at invisibly getting our attention!

Starbucks deer, the male once scampering with the jolt of morning. Rabbits freshly fueled by Mobile or perhaps BP gas. These companies are good at not getting caught as they scurry about, and they would have the perfect relationship with our Ford that really wants to love pretty and then make its own daily Escape.

A bit on the unusual side these diversions, but they do offer a weirdly comforting sense of what might be. Somehow humans and non have to find a way to cohabitant, and perhaps a mildly amusing working or entertainment relationship could be just what is needed.

Just for the heck of it — confident that I’m becoming that one can find ANYTHING on the Internet — I felt the need to pull up a duck blind and see what I could actually find out about my mysterious burger bird. And was I surprised. The gaggle of Google Geese weren’t so good at telling me what the species of singing feathers was, but it did seem to relate to the whole concept. Set up a virtual search for the Burger King Bird and this is seriously what comes up:

Burger King Bird Feeder

Burger King Bird Feeder

It appears that others have their own fly by ideas.

 SUVpacking. The perfect partner to the business of nature.

Crazy making!

Anyone have any idea what that deliciously singing bird might be called? I need to connect with its agent.


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