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The Stop - La Parada Travel Blog

The Stop – La Parada Travel Blog

Joking with some friends the other day got them, and me, thinking about us being Travelpreneurs. Not surprisingly in this massive digital world, some few folks seem to have already coined the term. But while we like their concepts, no so much with what they have done to introduce it.

Far too many see it as living a life of travel. I disagree: It should be about living a professional life with the world, the culture, the lands, the highways, the byways, the people as one’s office. Travelpreneurs seek to make money by turning life into a profession. Ansel Adams did it in his way, and don’t we all love his work? Imagine if he could have chased the clouds with the help of a sports utility machine or a performance trail bike?   

There are lots of good indications that people in the future will no longer use technology as an excuse to sit at their computers and play games. Companies are allowing more and more of their employees to work remotely, which means it doesn’t mean much about where they are as long as they can log on in high-speed time.

There is even a small community of folks who do more than give lip service to this idea; they refer to themselves as location-independent professionals (LIPs) and they work whether they are in a shiny new Starbucks, in the stall of a pub, on a train or on a rock high about a cliff off one of the pathways of this country’s Rails to Trails Conservancy.

There simply is good reason to believe that more and more people will be making a living by reconnecting with the people, places and lands of this country. We’ve seen it and we’re doing it. But our SUVpacking adventure is just one sector and incredible global movement. Even BBC Travel Tweeted to me yesterday that they too see such road trips as a trend in their union of countries.

Getting the cash out of living one’s life fully exposed to the elements isn’t all that easy – yet. And hopefully it won’t ever be too easy, since that encourages reckless appreciation. But the time is getting nearer as writing, photography, posting, sharing, even company sponsorship of goods and services have started to find their place. Programmers and online sales folks of all stripes have been conducting business from a drive-by park or recreation area for a long time, though usually under cover so no respectable business bossed catch them.

But the truth is that travelprenuership is fast coming out of its closet. As a commentator of all things ArtsyHipCool, I like this a lot. I trust others will be unleashing their confessions of a life gone mobile too. What say?



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