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Walls With Holes: A Small Tribute to Immigrant Workers and Lovers


Sonoma CA. Corner Stone Gardens

Sonoma CA. Corner Stone Gardens

The wall of work; a celebration of those who came, dug, muscled in the beauty of building public projects. The artist remembered not just what was accomplished but who did the work. It remains billed as A Small Tribute to Immigrant Workers. It really is a fitting Cornerstone, which happens to be the name of world-class exhibit on the outer edges of Sonoma, California where we got our start.

It’s hard not to think about this today. Lawmakers are doing their best to hurt and punish or to ignore the contributions of my loving brothers and sisters who seek to put their feet down in a different homeland.  

I’m learning a bit about politics. The US Senate passed a bill the other day to make it virtually impossible for persons without proper documentation to cross the line between our nations. They say they want a perfectly tight border before they give anyone inside even a little light toward citizenship.

There is no tribute to immigration or to immigrants in this hateful mentality. It’s just spending money to keep people and peaceful unity out. Imagine what $30 billion could offer people in need? Instead the Senate seeks to lock the door for those already here and to lock out those who might have inspirations.

Mario Schjetnan, a Mexican landscape professional who designed the smaller tribute, is praised and rewarded for his designs; they draw awe and inspiration from near and far. I can’t help but think of how much this country, my adopted country, loses by being so focused on false security just so that it can punish those yearning to be free. Lady Liberty should put down her words.  

It’s a sad day for immigrants on the border front. Unless those immigrants happen to be in love with another of their kind.  

For all the bad that the Senate did with the immigration bill, the Supreme Court did the reverse and opened more paths through these same kinds of walls, inviting stronger, more loving relationships. Whether the justices wanted it or not, what they did will ensure that there are no walls and no borders between the men and women of different nations who wish to celebrate their same-sex unity.

The Supreme Court has blown a whole in the DOMA wall that tried, stupidly, to keep gay and lesbian couples from being equally rewarded with spousal benefits. Taxes and money are the focus. But doesn’t this mean that it will be necessary for these couples to take advantage of shared citizenship? If I marry an American man, shouldn’t I be just as much of an American spouse as any other married heterosexual person?

I think the answer is yes. I think citizenship benefits are going to become part of the package of what it might mean to be a Mojoda (a female Mexican border crosser), who came here as a strong and committed women, only to fall in love with another woman. Now, even with DOMA gone, she will be freer and whole with her love, but she will still have to look back and see the ugly secure wall the US wastes money on. Take a look at Schjetnan’s small tribute. Notice the curves, the openings, the places where those with the ideas can reach over to those who love the artists and those they love and admire?

This is the American cornerstone, and neither the Senate nor the Supreme Court should feel good about what they have done. But we must make the best out of what we have and the tribute of a lifetime of marriage is one place to start.


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