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Everyday, Every Minute, Every Second

Hobo Pies, Camping food

Hobo Pies, Camping food

Everyday, every minute, every second

Time on the road rolls by. When we set about the idea of La Parada I thought about the big picture of the experience. Being on the move all the time turns out to be more of a piece by piece trip that looks different everyday, every minute, every second.

I really didn’t see the plan of the project as something that would be hard. Each night we expected to be able to chose from a hotel or motel or a place on the road where we could park and rest.

It isn’t quite that easy though, which I discovered not long after we stopped in at REI to pick out a tent. That very night I sat about working with my partner to set the damn thing up. I mean, how hard can it be? The support sticks literally fly together themselves with the force of the spring string that aligns each section!

Well…not quite so simple in real life. Funny how the details get in the way.

And the other people too. Putting that damn tent together showed me a lot about focusing — something that’s hard to do with the world zooming by. The tent is always grounded, and once we got the holes and the knots and the stakes in order it made lots more sense.

Hobo Pies

Hobo Pies

I got to thinking about this again the other night when I was introduced to what some folks call a campfire Hobo Pie*, which is its own eating experience. If you’re not sure what it is, take a look online.

But as I think about it the very idea of the sealed and fried sandwich doesn’t take much — it can even be said to be something someone who is down on his luck can get a lot out of.

A gourmet treat wrapped and sealed in slices of life.

Everyday, every minute, every second I get to be all the more thankful for what gets served up. I preferred the taste of the pies over the struggle of the tents but they mean something when taken together.

* Google “Hobo Pie” if you’re not sure what it is. You’ll likely get the flavor better than if I just feed you the details.



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