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Editing One’s Whole Life

Editing cloth SUVpackingEditing a book must be hard. I’ve already gone through the experience of figuring out what to take with us and what to leave behind. I went from a house (and a business) full of the inventory of memories and the full stock of a retail store.

Getting both down to just the essentials is something I hadn’t really contemplated before I had to do it.

Now here I sit, going through notes, organizing experiences, cropping my Instamatic trail, and I find I have to edit my whole life.

I edited designer and favorite clothes just to fit our basic daily wear into the SUV. Comments, suggestions, short phrases and rambling life thoughts from each days trip have to be paired with one or a few of the 15,000 photographs I took and screened.

Gives one a means to focus if I say so myself.

La Parada is not just a life altering experience; it’s a symbol of a life editing madness. But like in a garden, it turns out that not all that’s green needs to stay.

Try asking questions of the greenery. Try slicing around for just the important parts.

Figuring out what to keep is a chore no one guy can do alone. And it isn’t really something men are all that refined at.

Fortunately I have a large selection to look at as I get about narrowing down the field. But still? Editing one’s whole life?

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