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Cover to Cover Redesign of Men’s Health


Cover to Cover Redesign of Men’s Health

I received a notice the other day that Men’s Health Magazine is in the process of doing a cover to cover upgrade of their publication. They are seeking input from folks like me who comment on these kinds of issues, and I’m dying (in a good way) to offer them some advice.

Perhaps they might even like a special preview introduction of an article on our discoveries about The New Man?

All of which got me to thinking: Could the editors and design folks of this fine publication be recognizing in their own way that the very core of what it means to be a man is changing? Have they started to see their own indications of the evolution of The New Man? And might this be why they too want to have a grand makeover of their visions of men as health leaders, examples, role models, participants?

I think so, and that is why I asked them to consider looking at their redesigns from the viewpoint of encouraging others to support and empower The New Man as he transforms. Change is a slow, sometimes tough, and always uncertain process. Men get nervous about whether what they are doing is right when they try to adjust their style to uncertain cultural expectations.

I believe the same can be happening as the United States undergoes a major healthcare transformation. Men don’t know their role as powerful and empowering role models for the coming participatory healthcare system; they don’t know what it means to be a good man who leads by example and in partnership with others all of the requirements of being a contributor to all that one’s body, spirit and mind need to live long and prosper!

With this in mind, I’m seeking your support. I have let the editors know that we have been talking directly with hundreds of men. They are also keeping an eye on our site, La Parada, where we sometimes work health and fitness into the discussion.

But we want to show them more. We want to tell them tales of The New Man’s health perspective and how he can be a leader through involvement, action and empowerment, and we’d love to hear what you have to say on the issue.

Be part of the Men’s Health makeover. Write me a message using my email or post a response here. Tell me what you think and what is important. I want to make sure that their publication does a service to men as we change and we can only do that fairly if we listen to what The New Man is already telling us!



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