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The New Man Fashion The Beach

Fishermen, Louisiana

A Plentiful Catch

Working guys look cool with just the accessories nature lets them catch. This includes the fish, the winds, even the solitude. Nature adorns beautifully.

I’ve found along the many beach corridors on this journey that water often adds to the special man. The New Man seems hip to this.  LA men, whether the Los Angeles or the Louisiana type, have shown us this in lots of way but we often see just what the industry about style wants us to see.

I didn’t take the picture of the fish catcher to say anything about fashion by the beach or the Bayou. But it comes across like any good catch.

You can tell I’m a bit spoiled. I want to work in an alligator leather commentary. But that does a disservice to a manly man who catches gators with the luck of a day and with just his hands. The Bayou guy said the tail of a nine foot beast can bring him $900 dollars. But when it does he doesn’t worry about cashing in his catch to look good.

Real guys just make it happen. A plenty good catch, Or as I said on Instagram “Not much Fashion and Style here, but a man must always carry a nice watch”


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