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Mardi Gras -La Mardi Pardi

Mardi Grass 2013Parades and celebrations are hardly the places to make fashion and style judgements. True the more when the festivities explode on rainy and overcast days. People dress to flash and as characters, for sure, not so much to cash in on fashion. Running wet & wild, not  runway chic.

Mardi Gras in NOLA was exceptional. More than I envisioned, an extravaganza of the kinds of people, representations and colors one could only dream about, even with my Latin leanings. We happened to show up on Fat Tuesday, which was its own delicious treat.

South and Central Americana has always gotten my creative juices flowing from the times when I lived there as a kid. My people down there, south across the Gulf, know how to street rock. But the Creolans … the natives and their doppelgänger tourist mirrors alike … know what’s right in the heart and aren’t afraid to share it.

Big, unapologetic and not restrained by guidelines and expectations. People danced with the wild ghosts of their deep natures and seemed to love every flavor they could conceive of! I’m coming back! Power to our kinds.

Colors ruled everywhere from St. James to the Canals near the French Quarter. I’ve written elsewhere that the fashion mags want us to buy bight colors this Spring season. I’m not sure if the economy agrees; people are into recycling and repurposing to save Pesos. Word has it as well that tough times turn some folks remorseful while others use the challenges of the times to go extravagant. I’m feeling layer looks of softer colors, earthy shades are attractive too, and layering allows people to reuse what they already have.

The Mardi Gras parade of people is like a rainbow in a smoothie blender. There are traces of elegance; it’s rich, creamy, luxurious. Gold bling hasn’t deserted the bros contingents. I got to join Zulu in the Social and Pleasure Club.

And fluorescent HiTops danced their own rap. They seem to be going mainstream, giving the lesser shades of people a taste of the fast lane. I saw a variation on this theme in Santa Fe where colorful two-tone shoes from the past are getting another swing on the swag floor.

Hat people had a field day at the grand MG. I stopped in at the Goorin Bros. on Royal Street for their take on head deckings. They said small brimmed Fedoras are the selling desires. And straw hybrids of all kinds have given the sophisticated Panama some returning grace with a durability of super soothing thin leather.

Black does have a special place for the majority of the massive crowd. MG is a Black event. My impression is that those who wore for show tended toward very dark colors as the foundation for their wardrobe.
Black can be power just as a kaleidoscope turns streams of bight shades alive. If that’s what the participants wanted for their street fest, they chose the right tones.

For the Big MG 2013, people of the colors won and black was at its best in every shade. Glad we celebrated with a stop there.Mardi Grass 2013


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