A Travel Journal, SUVpacking America

On the road. Discovering who This New Man is.

City Spaces

La Parada Graphicx logoAn abundance of gifts and options. Why chose one when we can unload muchos, gracias?

We’re still struggling with some templet restricts -and I do hate restrictions! – but you should soon be seeing more postings, pics, ramblings of our journey as we catch up on our findings and discoveries from each of the individual city spaces we’re going to and through. We’ve been finding so much to share that it’s difficult to paint a big picture of what it all means to be Traveling 4 Men. So a bite at a time (or bight since we’re on the Bayou coast right now) makes more sense.

The New Man can’t yet be put inside of any lines anyway. The recovering creativity of New Orleans has proudly taught us that, which you can see if you stroll the art district.

So what you can expect to see from here forward are posts with local anchors and neighborly links. This way I can get my hands around what the men of each area are up to during this mysterious transformation they are making from what the men of the past were to what they are becoming today and forward.

To help you out with this I’m also cleaning out my digital community – the virtual spaces where I drop the bread crumbs and set some bait.

From here forward you should be able to get a preview of the coming attractions from three of my main fab sites. Here’s the 411 on those and portal links if you want to jump right in, though you can new see the doors to these spaces on the LaParada menu, too:

MY INSTAGRAM: In Instagram you will see pictures about traveling and fashion styles specifically. The places with the faces attached. Just a hint: Keep an eye here for an idea of what a photographically filtered America looks like!

MY TWITTER: On Twitter, the a action of the journey is fast and diverse. You can join me there and literally feel the road unfold ahead of us. My Twittering isn’t just about fashion and style; I get to comment on lots of other parts of what we see, which will help you understand the context as each locality comes into focus.

MY FAN PAGE, FB: Facebook is somewhere in between. Pics & styles & comments and more get a bit more personal in this space because the reasons behind this journey are philosophical too. I get to take my liberties here, which adds yet a better flavor.

You like other sites? We got those places too! Pinterest. Tumblr. FLickr, Whatever.

Feedback on this facelift is always appreciated. Feel free to share to your friends. 


Tell us what you think about the swag of men!

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