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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Cowboys at branding at Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado. #ChicoBasinRanch

Apparently Not to Old Colorado Springs!

Warm sunshine; cool clouds blowing over. One of the first things we did upon settling in Old Colorado Springs was sit outdoors for breakfast at the Bon Ton. The weather was great but I think I got a bit of sunburn on my face. The sun shines differently here even in winter warm days. I guess I should have worried about my tan.

My first thought, however, was Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

The town is a mix of small, rugged, bohemian. One could almost believe its Berkeley, California, if you’ve ever been there. It may feel this way because of the laidback people and the hemp stores, I’m not sure. But it’s a good feeling.  

What I do find different is my expectation that I’d likely find some cowboys running around here. Even just fashion ones. I suspect a number of the women I see are cowgirls, with an emphasis on liking the girl’s part, but cowboys are more of a missing breed. The rugged mountains are in the background, open fields abound, prairies off this way and that. The cowboys, though? Not so much.

The town is touristy diverse. It has a range of hotels and motels, $30+$$$$s. Breweries are big, Old Chicago and mountain beers. We would later see a place called The Baguette, where I would have coffee on another place. I liked all of these sites. Good places.

But the cowboys? Still wondering. I saw over and over again, like I wrote about before, that a trend that is popular is for women (in couples or gatherings) to wear boots while the men they are with almost always prefer sneakers of some sort. The biking dudes carry high-tech footwear sometimes, but they aren’t suggesting the cowboy look on their feet.

I met a gay couple at a place called The Underground Club on a Monday. Nice atmosphere. Old crowd. Slow. I was chatting up the evening with a couple, and they were having fun with me about my Traveling 4 Men. Mostly they wondered why I would look for fashion in a place like Colorado Springs.

Cowboys, I joked, but I told them about wanting to catch a look at what ordinary men are doing. With all the cultural pressures of career challenges and the diversity men experience on the Internet, it isn’t surprising they are building a new image of what a good man is all about. I do get glances here and there in Old Colorado City of changes that are happening (not counting all the barefooted guys on the first sunny day!), but not so clear on what is happening to the rugged man concept.

Stay tuned for more. 



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