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Mika’s Rose Colored Glasses

Actually white colored. Or at least that was the pair that caught my attention.


I was enjoying a breakfast the other day in a motel perched at the very bottom of the mountain ranges that cut through Colorado Springs, CO. The evening dusting of snow was sharing its misery with my underprepared feet, what with the temperature for the day expecting to reach near 50. And I guess what was coming was a sign that some people needed to dress more for the warmth than for the chill in the air.

Mika, which is a guess a personal take on a longer Middle Eastern name, introduced himself when I was staring at the outdoors and thinking about the couple I was talking with the night before. They had gotten a kick out of the fact that we have come to Colo Springs to explore fashion. Apparently to them the concept of dressing nicely didn’t belong in their ‘hood! I had mentioned to them that I was looking at more average, ordinary kind of guys and what they were doing with the trends, not so much the guys who belonged in fashion magazines.

Anyway, Mika surprised me. His features were such that he could indeed be a model. But he isn’t. He’s hardcore into bicycling, and like some of his friends was in the area to go through an advanced course in bike mechanics. But his style said something different – mostly at that moment through his decorator glass frames. They were black with pronounced white, somewhat foggy crystal side panels.

I thought he might be embarrassed when I turned the conversation to his glasses. But he seemed pretty proud of them. He says that he works with bikers, as he calls them – the people who do first class biking in the mountain trails. “Most of these guys are pretty rich and stylish,” he says, which apparently makes him a bit she about dressing more as a mechanic. “But I found they liked it when I kicked up what I do away from work.”

One of the things he seems to have noticed in the mountain regions is that people are rich and rather well off, he says, even if you can’t see it in what they wear all the time. But what they wear when the ride, that’s different; they dress for class and safety, for style and modern awareness. Biking clothes use high-tech materials and these guys like to show that off.

“They see that in my white-colored glasses,” Mike says, and that gives him a rosey look to the future.

I’ve started to document some more about what The New Man is doing around the edges. Latitude, a publication out of Los Angeles, gave me the chance to write about their contemporary shorts, with their edge of usefulness. Mika sees the same in his glasses and says something comforting about taking what a man wears across the plains of wealth and practicality.

I liked Mika’s glasses against his dark complexion. They said nothing to me about his working man’s routine, but they say a lot about how he is adjusting to what’s ahead.


One comment on “Mika’s Rose Colored Glasses

  1. Oakley Gal92
    April 9, 2013

    I find a man so sexy, powerful and has a sense of style, if a man knows the real trend then he’s got to be wearing sunglasses that fits his personality.

    Oakley Sunglasses

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