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Men and their Magazines

tumblr gq magazineSports and fixing things were the complete focus of magazine reading for men through most of my life. That’s the way if feels, anyway, or at least the way it felt until I started Traveling 4 Men to document what The New Man was doing. Now I see that men have a magazine problem – they seem to think that all magazines are catalogs, and that’s why they fear what the people in them wear.

A lot of men seem to be turned off by the way men dress in magazines. It’s kind of understandable. Aliens landing their ships in the country regions of New Mexico, for example – and local folks actually believe this to be true! – would surely be put off by the clothing that they might see on a reality TV runway show for women. Do women really dress that way?

Of course, we all know they don’t. Unless we’re on the street heading to a club to be seen for the night, most people wear bits and pieces of fashion, nicely hanging around more ordinary clothes. They don’t deck themselves out in unusual couture all the time.

Men seem to have the impression that when men’s magazines dress guys in rather extravagant outfits, danger abounds. Apparently even smart guys fear that these clothing combinations are going to jump off the page and attach themselves to anyone who looks at the pictures. Which could well explain why so many men seems to think that all magazines are catalogs and catalogs are places that they should best stay away from.

The men of the past dressed with less attention to detail because, I think, the women and others in their lives push them away from making good attire decisions. Often men are slapped down for what they try to do, so they figure it is best to stay away and let others dress them (often their wives). So being too near to weirdly dressed models naturally could lead one to believe those unusual clothes could be something their special person buys for them. And that scares the crap out of them.

What’s funny in this age of technology is that now the models online are living, breathing digital representations of men. Okay, they might actually be real men on video, but for the most part they are men who are living and breathing in weird stuff. And that is more of a concern than just looking at strange pictures.

So I guess what I’m learning for sure is that The New Man is going to be learning how to separate magazines from reality. Or perhaps they were start doing this and magazines will follow suit. To me there are more magazines and catalogs that feel like they offer women good advice and suggestions; men just don’t feel the same about these paper or digital publications.



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