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The world is changing; the whole concept of Building The New Man and what makes a man willing to accept a new male image is perhaps the biggest transformation on 2013. It sure seems that a lot of the people I talk to think so.

As men’s attitudes change, and social media helps us reach out what is acceptable in the fashion Industry, our cloths and the way man choose what their style means is coming into focus. It’s as if the entire idea of what is right and wrong and what is within the reach of the ordinary man is evolving around us, just as are the attitudes of the men who might have wondered in the past if they could choose a style for themselves.

The way that men are starting to look at the selections they might want to make, even the way in which they buy their clothes and maintain their entire images, has come a long way. Men seem to maintain a different perspective, and this one isn’t always about being the controversial macho man.

Society is trying hard to make it more acceptable for men to care more about almost every aspect of their images. But change sometimes seems slow. Do we see The New Man in every city or town we visit? Not at all. As we SUVpacked our way into Phoenix, AZ, for example, it felt mostly like people were wearing more of the same old, same old. In Santa Fe, however, things were different. Men were easier with their comfort of boots and scarves. On more than a few occasions I actually felt like I was hanging around a Fashion Street Runway in a remarkably adventurous town. I saw fashion and changes in what makes for The New Man in many places, and I believe we’re seeing this more and more as we Travel 4 Men!

I do want to write more about this. There are still some barriers that are hard to overcome. Caring for oneself is a perfect example. Some men still stand out because they seem to be pretty indifferent to their images, just as they seem unaware of how their image connects with their partners. Are some men stuck living with this limitation?

I’ll be writing more on Santa Fe shortly, and some on how men who have image issues might be relating too much to fashion magazines and online fashion as if they were catalogs. What people see in the media isn’t what they have to choose from. More men seem aware of that and others do not. I think if more did it might be a good thing for the way that men look and for the ways that they attract positive looks from the loved ones in their lives!

I do hope The New Man makes this transition in the future. I think all people will be better with just such a change.


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