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Miami and Las Vegas?

Miami January 16, 2013: One can get a bit confused, what with all the traveling and different places we see. The snow is falling and here I am standing near a sign welcoming me to warm and wonderful Miami. And yes, I’d be more than happy to drop a few dollars in a casino, just to get away from the winding road and out of the constant blow of the winds. Auugh, Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, my desires were cut short. It turns out Miami is in Arizona and Las Vegas is in New Mexico.

Oh well: It was a nice dream while it lasted!

We’re not sure whether we will make it to Las Vegas, NM, though we did meet a nice lady who sat next to us at a delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, a place called The Shed. Somewhat hard to find, buried in one of the many mini-malls that surround the Plaza (it’s to the right when leaving the Cathedral), The Shed is worth the meal. Spicy, well prepared. Anyway, she told us that Las Vegas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that’s the perspective of a person who actually lives there.

Anyway, then there was Miami. We stopped in this pass-through space on the hilly road, heading toward Las Cruces. What was most notable about this place, other than the dramatic shortage of warm beaches and people in sexy swimwear, was the fact that the largest business and attraction seemed to be Wal-Mart. And not only was it the largest, I swear that when I went inside, the store was larger than the rest of the economic vitality of the entire community.  

Miami, ArizonaThere may be something to be said about the fact that affordable shopping is provided. But there seem more issues to worry about as these types of stores become the working engine of the entire place. In the small town after small town after little villages we passed through every day, businesses are closed; spaces upon spaces available for rent or lease.

America is closing. It really is. This has to mean something to those people, women and men, whose lives are likely changing as a result.

I have to admit that this fact may be worse than my realization that neither Miami nor Las Vegas lived up to my expectations, at least the other ones didn’t.

Oh well … back on the road again.


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