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8000 Kilometers

The Best Hamburger

The Best Hamburger

The day has arrived. My journey has begun officially. It’s January 4, 2013 ( or it was when I wrote!). Us two guys and our dogs are enjoying a  kickoff lunch at one of the ArtsHipCool eating placed on the edge of the gourmet and cultural hub of Nor Cal, the Fremont Grill in the Carneros Valley, Old Sonoma.

First, it’s an awesome place. The meats and servings are preped and readied with the smoke of old wood.
But the people who hang there, packing the shrink-wrapped outdoor seating space even in the winter, do so for the food and the Swagg!
So we figured, what better place to gather for our private farewell toast to home and retail store? We love the snappy service and graphic collision menu. And our mutts, Shiroco and Shetan, blow like a devilish desert wind through the leftover fries.
Or put another way: it served us up a hell of a bye-bye lunch that would put any reality FoodTVier to shame.
Our waitress was kind enough to indulge our photo spree as we gathered advice from our neighboring patrons. 8000 kilometers is about the 5000 miles from the Bay Area San Francisco to the reaches of NorEaster Maine, where we’re headed — and everyone had a fantastic reaction to our farewell.
Traveling for Men this distance on just $8000 (or less, as we’ll be earning it as we go) is going to be a challenge!
Today is Sunday, January 5, and we just went through the phenomenally beautiful Big Sur coast, heading to the first night in Carmel and this evening at Morro Rock. Next stop San Louis Obispo.
Already we’ve begun to listen to and hear from the men of various La Paradas along the route! And I think you’ll enjoy the daily updates.
Fasten you belts, adjust your accessories and let the adventure begin.

Tell us what you think about the swag of men!

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