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New Cali, Colombia Designers

Hada Cadabra

Hada Cadabra, Click 2 get more info.

Traveling 4 Men came about as a new idea because I saw that the whole field of men’s fashions and their style senses changing. In part I felt this change because of my Latin background and all that seems to be happening in our culture.

It is the mixing of parts of the manly culture of the USA with those from the other areas of all of the Americas that convinced me to take this journey and see what men are really doing.

I think The New Man will become a creature of these forces. There is an abundance of creative new talents seeking to turn their awesome ideas for change into dollars … or perhaps into Columbia pesos.

I found a great affirmation of this after I started putting together La Parada. One of these connections was when I came across La Sucursal, Feria de Diseno Independiente, an enterprising project put together by Cesar Soto Gabriela Zapata and Laura Cañon . It turns out he’s hooked in to a number of designers and wild developers of some cutting edge products and services and activities. You can take a look at the space here.

TrashyVery unfortunately for us, our 8000 kilometer journey can’t be by way of Cali, at least not yet. Still, what I’ve already experienced in knowing Cesar has shown me that The New Man of all of the Americas has lots of support and accessories heading his way.

I expect to be talking more about La Sucursal and about Cesar as we go. But for right now, you can see below a sample of some of Cesar’s creative displays. His event brings all kinds of inventive types together where they can share and connect.

I love the chance that Cesar is giving us to have a peak into his work. I hope to explore other projects as we Travel 4 Men. Any suggestions you have about people or projects are always welcome.

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La Sucursal, Feria de Diseño

La Sucursal, Feria De Diseño, click 2 get more info.


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