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The New Mayan Me

Peten Tikal, Guatemala, Mayas

Peten Tikal, Guatemala, Mayas

To the indigenous people of Guatemala, December 21, 2012 is not the death of a planet but the birth of an idea, the dawn of a new era. They see it as the start of another journey, the unleashing of a New Sun.

Kind of like what seems to be happening as The New Man unfolds from the styles and fashions and restrictions of the past. Part of the reason that men are changing in the USA is because of the merging and blending of the cultures, yet again, of Americans of all sorts. Its own kind of Rising Sun.

I’m a descendent of the Mayan heritage. My family is wrapped up in Central American cultures, with my mother’s roots from the Earth-working people of Guatemala. It has even been said that my great, great grandfather was the first democratic president of that emerging nation … which gives me the freedom to search for my own appreciation for the rieces (“roots” in Spanish) of growth and change.

Tomorrow is the day of transformation for Guatemalans. The ones of my past didn’t see it as the end of the planet but as another step toward adding more of their contributions to the math and science and wonder of nature as it build bigger and better things. I see it too as the start of the makings of a our new sons!!

Happy December 21, 2012. Look at it as the end of something and as the start of many new things, maybe even as the birthday of The New Man. My Mayan people saw it that way and I look at it as a gift to start my journey of some 8000 kilometers of opportunity.

Sunny days ahead for you too, I trust. See you tomorrow and the day after.

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The Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya


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