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Money Shorts Not Money Belts!

From Latitude Supply co. Men's  wear, style,  trunks

From Latitude Supply co. Men’s wear, style, trunks

Never Drop Anchor, Always Keep Exploring …

What a great tagline for a travel-worthy collection of clothing that The New Man and even the men of the past will like.  Latitude Supply Co. carries its marker well. It’s worth a look.

The company is out of Southern California, but doesn’t have a flagship store … as one might expect with a creative flare that keeps it on the move. Apparently the clothing they offer moves so fast and furiously that even their featured outlet partners can’t keep their supplies locked down – too many Pirates trying to get their hands on these clothing treasures!

But I’m not writing just to joke about their travel appeal. What I really like – out of many of the clothes they carry – are their trunks, which are really beach or casual wear. As you can tell, they look relaxed, make a man feel comfortable as he tourists or travels, and have the benefit of being more than just for show. I look at them as my Money Shorts!

In the ancient times of the American West, men on the road hid their hard-earned dollars in Money Belts. Not a bad idea to keep the bad boys away from one’s valuables. But in this day, when the bad boy look is part of the appeal of The New Man (at least sometimes), these swimming or strolling trunks serve as well to keep one free of excess baggage as one moves about. They showcase one’s style statement without making one vulnerable to those with bad intentions!

The shorts have pockets in the back and one in the front. While the front one is offset with a decorative flap that makes it stand out, views can easily mistake it as being all style and less substance. It works well to hold one’s treasures without taking away from the balance of the look. I like that it holds the parts of my wallet that I don’t want to worry about.

These are truly Money Shorts … belts, after all, aren’t always appropriate!

Winter is upon us; spring is closing in. As I start putting together what I need as I’m Traveling 4 Men, the trunks of Latitude are part of my packing. Check’em out. I’m hoping to keep an eye out for other similarly clad wanderers – their look may give me an indication as to whether they are one of the new guys in the making!

Latitude Rules when one is on the move!

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Awesome Trunks from Latitude Supply Co.

Awesome Trunks from Latitude Supply Co.


One comment on “Money Shorts Not Money Belts!

  1. homerstyle
    December 21, 2012

    Reblogged this on homerstyle and commented:
    Great trunks! Time to start thinking about that winter trip to a warm places (for those of us in the colder climates). Like the artical says though, Latitude Supply makes limited quantities. They’re sold out 😦 I’m now on the hunt. Will keep you posted…

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