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Couch Tomato – The New Man Goes Gourmet Traveling

Shetan Couch Potato

Meet Shetan, One of my Travel Partners.

Even The New Man has to eat sometimes. Fashion and style will only take us so far.

We cannot lie around like we used to, lazy old dogs on a comfortable couch, dreaming back on the good old days when potato chips and sports ruled the weekend. Real men have become intensive fans of reality FoodTV and, for good or bad, some of that gourmet quality has started to rub off.

The New Man of tomorrow will not be the couch potato. He’s going to be more attuned to the healthier and more diet-friendly options he has. Given the choice, he may well more likely grab for the heirloom tomato than for the weight snacks of the past.

I have a feeling that as I Travel 4 Men I’m going to find myself confronted by street corner and restaurant after burger joint that is going to be trying to serve me better meals. Which means I and my traveling partner are going to have to make some better food choices. Reason is going to have to rule pretty regularly if we are going to be able to fit into the fashions others tell us they want The New Man to wear.

I’m loving the idea that were going to be spending some significant quality time searching through Farmer’s Markets and local gourmet food fairs. I’m personally excited about checking out the menus of the Latin American food places that are now openly competing with the older American greasy spoon joints.

For some switching over from being a Couch Potato to a Couch Tomato is going to be a challenge. How much FoodTV is helping or hurting me has yet to be discovered! I can only hope that, given my heritage, it doesn’t turn into an all-out food fight over what is good and right.

But then again, I wouldn’t mind being covered in some of the debate!

Couch Tomatoes Rule!

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