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Spanish Packing My Tracks

We’re about to start making tracks on our Travel 4 Men. That means we have to get ready over the next few days.

It’s late at night. Very late. I do silly things when I should be sleeping.

I’m wondering about cutting off my hair again. It’s not that silly because it’ll still look good and it’ll grow back when I’m on the road. Still to me it means something as I lie here and contemplate what have we have to cut away to get it all into the SUV of the future. Traveling 4 Men might well be a little crazy! But decisions still have to be made.

Listening to a lot of Pablo Alboran. He’s a great Spanish singer who I recently discovered. He has some interesting traveling advice. I’ll get to that on the next post.

But he makes me think about the times when I lived in Barcelona, Spain. My dad and I were getting ready for a father and kid trip. Loco de Atar happened to come on as I was thinking about this. It’s now one of my favorite Alboran tracks; it has mooded me up for the steps of my getting ready for the USA road trip. It is, in many ways, about the craziness of my Spanish Packing for a scary adventure. I don’t know, maybe I actually am Raving Mad!

Our home will be on the road with us. The places we go and the people we meet with be the comfort of the couch and the TV we otherwise have counted on.

Dad used to be there for me when we traveled. Mom might stay home, but even in doing that she gave me (both of us, I hope) some comfort that we would be returning soon to the collection of things that make a home feel permanent. SUVpacking doesn’t have that kind of simplicity. It’s enough to make someone Raving Mad!

It is seriously time to go to sleep and then to wake up wondering about what to pack and what to cut out. We have just a little room. And maybe this adventure is supposed to be more about what we pick up on the way and less about what is left behind.

What should The New Man take on his trip into the unknown of tomorrow? It’s enough to make me crazy just dreaming about it all. I can imagine what others think about me and this adventure!!

Here is what Pablo Alboran says in the final words of Loco de Atar:

Raving mad, raving mad,

He has no direction and he lives in freedom.

Raving mad, raving mad,

Nobody shows him which way to go…

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