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The Male Coffee Klatch

coffee-bean-mug-25271280604744ivjA“Have Wi-Fi Will Travel” could well be the subtitle of our pending adventure. I’m sitting today, just for an environment break, at our local Starbucks, getting used to not writing in my apartment.

A friend of mine asked me the other day what it might be like to be professionally mobile much of every day. The best I could say was that I wasn’t sure yet. I’d have a place to stay for sure, being aggressive about looking for connections with sharing links with local people. But for the most part my work will not be anchored. Instead I’ll be writing wherever we happen to be thanks to the growing availability of free WiFi.

As I look around this Starbuckes, for example, I see there is a good mix of men and women. Many seem to be working, others pretty much just gossiping. And by that I mean the men are doing as much of both as are the women.

In the past the idea of people sitting about and gabbing with coffee was clearly a feminine mystique. Here is a great piece about the idea, which I found courtesy of a Google Klatch search: City, Developer holds a coffee klatch – yeah, right! Tells you something about the mentalities of professional klatching … it used to be a woman’s thing.

Men aren’t thought of as doing such things. Not any more than one might find one man asking another to go shopping with him for new clothes. Hands-on style advice makes perfect sense, but really … do even ArtsyHipCool men do such things? A confirmed old-style hetero NOT; metro, MAYBE; homo-man … maybe … because a party is a party. But klatching for gossip and style in public where others can see and hear … seems unlikely to most people. Even our star coffee places can’t buck this gender trend.

Or can they?

Men seem equally to have a heart for their coffee. They are sharing that around me right now. I’m dying to see about this as we hit the road, Traveling 4 Men.

A coffee to go please, for me and The New Man!!

(NOTE: I expect to soon add a new page about what The New Man looks like … the one we discover as we travel about. I’ll look forward to seeing if coffee klatches make the cut as one of many preferred accessories!)

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Tell us what you think about the swag of men!

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