A Travel Journal, SUVpacking America

On the road. Discovering who This New Man is.


I’m a multicultural, multi-country person. I’ve lived in several parts of the world ranging from Spain to Argentina to Guatemala and now the Estados Unidos. From the time that I was a little boy I’ve found that I like watching people walk about and through the towns I’ve lived in. It always made me wondered if they knew where they were going or what they were looking for.

Interestingly, it never crossed my mind about whether it might be right or acceptable for people to do this. It just seemed to be natural for it to happen in both Europe and Latin America. Now that I’ve been living in Norte America, I’m thinking a bit differently. As you can probably tell, we’re getting ready to Travel 4 Men south from the San Francisco Bay Area through the Southwest, much the same way that others backpack about a nation. Only walking on a tour like that doesn’t seem to fit with the American experience.

What does fit a bit better though is SUVpacking. Two guys and two dogs traveling not on foot or paws but by way of our moving vehicle, which just happens to be an Escape – a Ford Escape. Which means that rather than backpacking we very much will be SUVpacking from place to place to hear and listen to what The New Men of this nation are saying.

Traveling 4 Men this way is going to be a cool journey. The Southwest is the melting pot where Latino and white people are living more and more together as friends and family members. And increasingly it is the major number of us Latinos that is helping to bring change to the way the men of these gatherings think and fell. La Parada will be my way of documenting what their experiences are like.

My Escape is a few years old – the Ford, I mean. So it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more sophisticated SUVs, but I’m confident it and the gear we take will work well along with our stopping to visit friends and stylish associates. Out path will take us through the most intensely Latinized part of the country, so it will be interesting to see what we experience as travelers along their roads as well.

La Parada is The Bus Stop in Spanish. A place to come together, to hear the truth of what people in their communities are really saying. In many countries people walk to catch their local buses, bring them together into a group. In the US, people drive and then hope on the public transportation – which kind of makes me feel even more like packing one’s way across the states might well work just fine in the comfort of our SUV.

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Ford Escape, travel, car,suv,jeep

Ford Escape, Travel


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