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Magazine Nookie for Me

Swagg Digital Magazine,mens fashion, DSS Magazine,

Swagg Digital Magazine,mens fashion, DSS Magazine,

It’s cold outside. Steam rises from the neighboring building. Moisture gathers on the window.

I watch a drip of coffee go down the side of my Nor Cal Barnes & Noble cup. I’m tucked away, not worrying much about the approaching wet winter. I’m running away in just a few weeks on my journey of Traveling 4 Men. Still, curling up with a Maxim or Sports Illustrated, now that wouldn’t be so bad.

But I’m getting warmed up thinking about flipping through the e-pages of the online sites that support Esquire, DSS (in Spanish) and Swagg-a-Digital magazines. My task is to pass a judgment or two about these virtual publications to see how they come across on my Nook and whether they do justice to the swag and appeal of The New Man.

Before I got too deep into this challenging task, however, I lost a bit of my focus. A pretty steady line of people is moving from the coffee corral over to the nearby shelves of the printed magazines. And I notice right way that many of them are women; women who can’t seem to want to wait to get their hands on the latest copies of the several men’s magazines that smile out to them.

Nor is it hard to see that these folks are on their own missions. They too have a bit of a Nookie adventure on their minds. They seem pretty hot to get a peek at what lies deep inside these traditional men’s magazines. .

Which just gets me to thinking: Are the new digital mags going to be enough to put men in control of their own magazine content? Will the freedom of digital downloading be enough to get me to want to be Nookied by their own magazines?

The Top Ten Most Popular Magazines for Men in 2012 are still the printed versions of magazines that have been around for a while. They often, like GQ, are pretty clearly focused in part on attracting women as viewers. Their stories often tell women how other women do things for the benefit of men. Sometimes even in publications that focus on business, finance and the like. Men are somewhat on the outs.


So we’re looking for publications that really tell men about issues for men. Some, like Ask Men, are popular and have started to generate an online following that holds promise. But for the most part, I think women are still in control of what is going to get Nooked into their lives!

But let’s see. What do you think of what Esquire, DSS and the Swagg-a-Digital have to offer men? The e-glamor is appealing. The language is provocative, even inviging. But are they hearing and listening to real men?

GQ magazine, Details, Men's Health,Esquire magazine, Barnes and Noble

GQ magazine, Details, Men’s Health,Esquire magazine, Barnes and Noble


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