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STYLE MONEY – The Spending for Women and Men

STYLE MONEY – The Spending for Women and Men

Quetzal, Lempira, Colon, Peso: Money is money – sometimes. But there are gender differences worth considering. As a Latin American man who runs a retail store, it’s not hard to miss just how men and women (or those who shop for men) dedicate their precious funds to buying things. It is not at all unusual for women customers to come into our House of Merchandise and spend $200 or $300 for their own wardrobe – even when their mission was to shop for a man in their life.

Yet when it comes to purchasing a gift or a slice of some kind of accessory of personal style, $50 seems to be the max! While men earn way too much for the work that women do just was well, women spend unevenly in return.

What’s this all about?

Is this something that all women and men do? Or is there an ethnic flavor to this as well?

What’s the spiciness behind the currencies of giving to those others?

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