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O/S Swag – Does One Size Fit All for Men From Everywhere?

O/S Swag – Does One Size Fit All for Men From Everywhere?

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Part of our motivation for this site was a recognition that there are a lot of new website talking about men, men’s styles and men’s shopping. Apparently men are a commodity of dramatic interest: Fuck Yeah, Men’s Fashion (http://fuckyeahmensfashion.tumblr.com/).

But even those who are spilling the FashionBeans aren’t always doing so with an eye toward the Americas, and particularly how el Norte y el Sur men are going to be blending their styles. While the entire world is experiencing what it means to be dressed up in global diversity and cultural attraction, sometimes we forget that there is more to the pieces than to the whole cloth.

When we started putting La Parada together as the STOP to talk about men, we discovered the UK treasure of http://FashionBeans.com. If you haven’t seen it, go take a look.

But does their Euro-Contemp take fit one and all? Here are just a couple of examples where we can see that there are alternative considerations for the Spanish flavor. Search the Beanie Site for the words in parentheses to see what these fine men of the Continent have to share:

  • Latin Men & Checked Blazers (Checked) – Maybe NOT: Matt Allison wrote a good piece on this as the patterns of the past have been slimmed up, less padded and given the right to be paired with the houndstooths of today. Really? Do Latin Men align with houndsteeth? Perhaps they could, but does it go with their viewpoint? Or are their other ways to get foxy with this appeal?
  • The Latin Overcoat – Will Colman thinks the overcoat has a history of offering a bucket load of style options for those who can’t get around the inevitability of cold weather. Sometime to be said for that even as the planet’s core temp rises. But what should the men of the warmer climates take of this? Is it bloody right or possible for another layer of dressiness to add to the richness of Brown Men?
  • Can the Desert Boot Get You Over A Border? (Desert Boots) – Colman is at it again with a nice look at whether The Desert Boot is capable of bridging a divide between casual and style demands. A good all-terrain vehicle of protection and statement, these working beast has its own motivation for wanting to cross all kinds of fenced in or out domains. We’re dying to see what the Immigrant Revolutionaries think of this necessary part of their uniform.

So what do you think? Do the Men of the Americas have the same take on these wannabes?

Since this is an early post, here is the challenge: TELLS US WHAT YOU THINK. In English or Spanish, it’s up to you. Take a journey to see the original pieces if you want, as they are worth the adventure. But what do you think as a member of the border-crossing team?

Article by Erick Martinez. follow him at ArtsyHipCool



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