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Gypsy Me

Works especially well as a definition if you are a wandering spirit like me. Here is what the free Online Dictionary says is the last of four descriptions of those … Continue reading

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Changing Louisiana – A Taste of Progress

I can’t help but think about the potential of the many places we visited on this journey. My partner is writing a poem on how America is worn out; its … Continue reading

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Burger King Bird

Buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing, buurrrquaqwing. Each and every morning, as I sit outdoors with the coolness and the dew, an unknown bird sings forth this phrase over and over, often followed … Continue reading

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SUV Travelpreneurs

  Joking with some friends the other day got them, and me, thinking about us being Travelpreneurs. Not surprisingly in this massive digital world, some few folks seem to have … Continue reading

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There Are No Limits

What’s the difference between backpacking and SUVpacking? Allan asked. I said I wasn’t sure but wondered if it had something to do with packing up your SUV?” Close, he said, … Continue reading

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Am I From A Different Planet? Part 1

They say a lot can happen while you try to re-invent yourself.  “I’m gonna get rich this year. This is my year.” Then: “Crap.” I remembered I was supposed to … Continue reading

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My Last Supper

  My Last Supper. Religion creeps in on my thoughts and concerns and wants and wonders regularly. My mother is very religious and gave this gift to me. I’m not … Continue reading

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Walls With Holes: A Small Tribute to Immigrant Workers and Lovers

  The wall of work; a celebration of those who came, dug, muscled in the beauty of building public projects. The artist remembered not just what was accomplished but who … Continue reading

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Everybody Losses It, People Like Us

  Kelly Clarkson powers it out, pushing the tears into her listener’s lives as the beat pounds in the speakers: “Everyone losses it. Everyone wants to throw it all away … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Worrying

When it comes to my journey, why is it so hard for me to write? I’ve been falling way behind and I feel like I haven’t dedicated enough time or … Continue reading

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Everyday, Every Minute, Every Second

Everyday, every minute, every second Time on the road rolls by. When we set about the idea of La Parada I thought about the big picture of the experience. Being … Continue reading

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